Craving a snack before its dinner time? Don't keep yourself hungry! Order our Snack Pack and put an end to those 4 PM hunger cravings!


Sandwiches, Hummus, Skewers - New snacks every single day served fresh from our kitchen


***Delivery charges are Rs. 35 per meal if you're only ordering a snack meal. If you're ordering other meals like Salads or Balanced Meals, then delivery charges are included in the price. Our team will contact you once your order is placed to confirm these details.

Healthy Snack Pack

  • Try our Healthy Snack Pack for those evening cravings. Choose from Hummus dips, Corn Chaats, Mini Kebabs and more 

    We have a 3-week menu, so you will receive different meals every day for 21 days. You won't have any repetitions for that whole period.

  • For most areas, we have 3 delivery slots as follows: First Slot between 8:30 AM & 9:30 AM, the Second Slot between 11:30 AM & 1:00 PM & the Third Slot between 5:00 PM & 7:30 PM.
    Certain locations only have 2 delivery slots per day. For example, South Bombay, Kandivali & Malad deliveries will only take place in the 1st delivery & 3rd delivery slots.

    We will contact you once your order is placed to confirm which delivery slot your meal will be delivered in. You also have the option to choose when you'd like your meal delivered, for example, if you'd like lunch delivered in the morning before you leave for office then our team will accommodate that.